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(LIVE MANIFESTO THEATRE ended as of 3 PM February 13th, 2018. This is the record of the text produced during the Manifesto Jam. Thank you to everyone who has written and shared their manifesto.)



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I'm freaking loving this. "There’s a certain connection between aesthetics of spareness, universality, unsentimental and self-punishing “stripping down” and the forgetting, excluding, and obliteration of women in general, anything not neutral western white male more broadly." Fuck me UP that is good!!!

Also Incedental Manifesto is pure gold in 17 words

I like this format. The live manifesto in this context is inspiring.

btw i'm not commenting but still reading.... this is the good shit keep it up

Flappy Binch

please be respectful of fallen comrades 

also, amazon clothing price/colour algorithms

negative slime as in, an omnipresent biproduct that you can't always trace back to its source with clings and clegs to objects in an irritating way

the concept of beige is like, negative slime


"There's trees outside, there's grass outside, there's definitely soft-body physics and you can even hit people with a sword in theory. What you can't do and yet what this possibility space offers is immensely more interesting. "

yes! a blank void with a single sprite is infinitely more mysterious and inviting than a fully realised 3d world

"It acts as if it is the only thing that counts as learning in the service of concealing everything else it's teaching you."

EXACTLY., which is often maladaptive and addiction-based 'learning' habits

"Gamification is a curse to knowledge that thinks it can design and optimize learning as if it's some concrete value."

duolingo is bullshit THANK YOU

"For all the effort to try and free games from this supposed tyranny of education, it seems like they're always telling me how to do something, and very invested in the idea that they can. " as an autistic child i LOVED edutainment games and i would argue they innovated a lot of formats that are only now becoming popular in mainstream gaming

"omg this is fucking brilliant" ariel re: the live aspect just now in my living room


love seeing my fave band live!!!